The world we live in is changing rapidly right now in ways most of us couldn’t have anticipated.  We need more than ever to be able to respond positively and adapt to our changing circumstances.

If you are dealing with any of the following issues, coaching may be the key to help you find your inner resilience and unlock your potential:

  • Struggling to adapt to change
  • Balancing work and family commitments
  • Facing redundancy
  • Changing your job

All of these can feel like huge challenges and you may be feeling stuck.  Perhaps you feel the need to completely re-invent yourself and start again.  I understand reinvention – it’s a process I’ve gone through many times on meeting challenges, personally and professionally.

Coaching opens up a safe and positive space for you to think about what is important to you, to discover what you need to do to move you forwards.

Contact me today to book a free 45 minute session via phone or video conferencing.

Individual sessions start at £45 for one hour of remote coaching (phone or video conferencing).

Discounted coaching packages start at £250 for 6 one hour remote sessions.

My session with Miranda was amazing!  In such short time I had big breakthroughs with her.  I had felt stuck for a long time, unsure on how to break free from that.  Miranda helped me understand myself on a whole new level, by helping me recognise what productivity coping mechanisms I had developed consciously and subconsciously and what worked and what didn’t.  We came up with a complete new game plan for myself which I am very excited about!  We basically made a plan of tricking myself into being productive, which I love because that is so me.  It’s all about the mindset and the psychology behind it.  I love how she tailors the sessions according to her client’s personality.  She is honestly amazing and in such short time my expectations were definitely surpassed.