Success Stories

Llewela Selfridge, Heritage Learning Specialist

“Before I met with Miranda, I had a vague aim but no real direction or idea of how to realise it.

I have worked with Miranda as a freelance consultant before and know the high quality of her work.  I trust her integrity, so I had no reservations about working with her as a coach.

The process was revelatory.  Miranda encouraged me to identify my main goal, then produce a list of short-term goals.  She helped me understand my strengths and gave a me a real sense of purpose as well as confidence to achieve my goals.

The best thing I got from working with Miranda was a sense of purpose and direction. I would recommend Miranda to anyone who needs direction and a route map to get there!”


Areti Mitroliou, Law Student

“My session with Miranda was amazing! In such short time I had big breakthroughs with her. 

I had felt stuck for a long time unsure of how to break free. Miranda helped me understand myself on a whole new level, by helping me recognise what productivity coping mechanisms I had developed consciously and subconsciously and what worked and what didn’t.

I came up with a complete new game plan for myself which I am very excited about!  It’s all about the mindset and the psychology behind it.

I love how she tailors the sessions according to her client’s personality.  She is honestly amazing and in such short time my expectations were definitely surpassed.”